Before traveling overseas on university activity, all University of Toronto students will need to complete several Safety Abroad requirements.

But what are these requirements? Check out the video below to find out more!

What do you have to do before going overseas as a University of Toronto student?

Before travelling overseas on University of Toronto activities, all students will need to complete several Safety Abroad requirements. You will need to check your destination’s Travel Advisory, complete a Safety Abroad Workshop, acquire travel health insurance, and, finally, add your trip to the Safety Abroad Registry.

These requirements are meant to help keep you safe overseas, help you plan for any issues you might face, and improve the University of Toronto’s ability to support you during your trip. For example, after completing these requirements, you will know how to access services such as International SOS, which provides emergency support to U of T students overseas.

So, what do you have to do to complete these requirements?

First, take a look at the Government of Canada’s Travel Advisories. These Advisories are frequently updated, and provide guidance on visas, vaccinations, safety issues, emergency numbers, and other useful information.

The Advisories also have 4 levels of risk ratings. These levels are the basis for Safety Abroad’s risk ratings for student travel, as they indicate levels of safety and security concerns for each location.

Locations with risk levels 1 and 2 are open to all students who have completed the requirements in this video.

Students may be allowed to travel to the higher risk levels of 3 or 4 in certain circumstances. Students planning travel to these regions will need to contact Safety Abroad to complete a Safety Planning Record.

Next, register for a Safety Abroad Workshop. These workshops, held online or in-person, are designed to help you think through various situations you might encounter while overseas. Considering these situations and how you might deal with them will help you prepare for your trip.

Third, you will need to acquire appropriate and sufficient travel health insurance. While you may have medical coverage in Canada, you likely will not have any coverage overseas. Health care costs can be extremely high overseas, so having the right health insurance for your trip is extremely important. You can find more information in the Health and Wellness section of this website.

Finally, add your trip information to the Safety Abroad Registry. This information allows us to record your travel dates and location so that we can offer support and emergency assistance.

If any of this information changes, make sure to contact Safety Abroad to keep us updated, so that we can better help you in case of emergencies.

After completing these steps, you are ready for your trip overseas! Just remember to keep Safety Abroad updated of any changes, and know who to contact in case of emergency.

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